Saturday, October 18, 2014

4th Quarter Report of Everest Insurance

Kathmandu, Oct 17

Everest Insurance Company Limited has posted net profit of Rs.59.39 million and published its 4th quarter company analysis of the fiscal year 2070/71.

Arun Kabeli Hydro Power 4th AGM to be held on 22 Kartik 2071

Kathmandu, Oct 18

Arun Kabeli Power Limited has announced its 4th AGM going to be held on 22 Kartik, 2071.

Innovative Development bank distributing Right Share Certificate.

Kathmandu, Oct 18

Innovative Development Bank Limited has allotted 4:1 ratio right share to its shareholders on 29th Ashwin, 2071.

Kumari Bank Limited 14th AGM to be held on 26th Kartik 2071.

Kathmandu, Oct 18

Kumari Bank Limited has announced its 14th annual general meeting going to be held on 26th Kartik 2071.

Thursday, October 9, 2014

CDS comes into implementation from today. Banking group shares being traded in demat form in the first phase

Kathmandu, October 8

As Nepse is implementing demat form of share trading of the banking group in the first phase today, investors having their stocks of banks on physical form can sell it on the same format, but the buyers will receive it only in the dematerialized form. 

According to the procedures on dematerialization of physical shares 2071 unveiled by the Nepse, the buyer clearing member should acquire the physical certificate of the shares within T+5 days  after completing the settlement process within T+3 days.

The clearing member should submit the demat request form (DRF) to the CDS and