Wednesday, July 23, 2014

IPO allotment of Siddhartha Equity Oriented Scheme (SEOS).

Kathmandu, July 23

Siddhartha Capital Limited has allotted its second phase of mutual fund IPO shares known as Siddhartha Equity Oriented Scheme (SEOS) to general public today. It has issued total of  80 million units of Rs 10 face value each, mutual fund scheme worth Rs 800 million.

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Book closure of Innovative Development Bank

Kathmandu, July 22

Innovative Development Bank Limited has published a book closure date for its 4:1 ratio Right Share on (14th Shrawan, 2071). 

4th Quarter Report of Mahalaxmi Finance

Kathmandu, July 23, 2014

Mahalaxmi Finance Limited has posted net profit of Rs.89.95 million and published its 4th quarter company analysis of the fiscal year 2070/71.

Monday, July 14, 2014

IPO allotment result of Ekata Bikas Bank

Kathmandu, July 13

NMB Capital has allotted the IPO of Ekata Bikas Bank Today.
According to the the official, the IPO has been allotted at 6.5334 percent, for those who had applied between 50 and 140 units of the primary shares were placed under lottery.

The IPO worth Rs 8 crore floated by the development bank on June 4 was oversubscribed by 15.306 percent by the time the issue closed on June 9. 

Among the total 8 lakh issued units, 24,000 units had been set aside for the bank staff, another 40,000 for the mutual funds and the remaining units were floated for the general public.

Click here for IPO Result of Ekata Bikas Bank

Friday, July 11, 2014

Trading of SMBF and PFLBS suspended for the merger

Kathmandu, July 10

Trading of SMBF and PFLBS suspended for the merger
Kathmandu, July 10

Nepal Stock Exchange Limited (NEPSE) has suspended the trading of Sagarmatha Merchant Banking & Finance Limited and Patan Finance Limited from today following the recent merger process between the two Financial institutions

Sagarmatha Merchant Banking & Finance reported that its net profit has risen by an astounding 569 percent by the end of the third quarter.

Monday, July 7, 2014

Mahakali Bikas Bank to auction right shares that are not applied

Kathmandu, July 7

Mahakali Bikas Bank is going to auction its 1,93,934 units of unclaimed right share in which 1,75,132 units are promoter shares and 18,802 units are public shares. The minimum price assigned for each share is Rs 100 and minimum number to apply is 100 units.

Mahakali Bikas Bank is distributing Right Share Certificate and Refunding money to non allotted Investors

Kathmandu, July 7

Mahakali Bikas Bank is distributing its 1:2 Right Share  Certificate and returning cash to non allotted share investors from today.