Bonus, Dividend, Right Share

Bonus, Dividend Right Share Declared by each Company from financial earnings of year 2069/70 and their Distribution Date.

SymbolBonus Share %Cash Dividend %Total Dividend %Distribution Date
Sagarmatha Insurance Co.Ltd2022.142.12014-06-29
Citizen Investment Trust502.6352.63N/A
Prudential Insurance Co.8082014-06-23
National LifeInsu. Co.Ltd.5517.572.52014-06-20
Paschimanchal Finance Co. Ltd150.7915.792014-06-15
Agricultural Development Bank Ltd031.5831.582014-06-04
Laxmi Bank Limited150152014-06-03
Central Finance Co. Ltd.10010N/A
Lumbini Finance Ltd.150.7815.782014-06-01
Kumari Bank Ltd140142014-06-01
Shikhar Insurance Co. Ltd.20020N/A
Western Development Bank Limited96152014-05-25
Pathibhara Bikas Bank Limited150.7815.782014-05-25
Nepal Life Insurance Co. Ltd.7028.598.52014-05-22
Alliance Insurance Company Limited12.50.6613.162014-05-20
Paschimanchal Grameen Bikas Bank Limited1515302014-05-16
Salt Trading Corporation1015252014-05-08
Lumbini General Insurance10.52010.522014-04-20
Life Insurance Co. Nepal301.57302014-04-15
Civil Merchant bittya sanstha06.256.252014-04-13
Commerz and Trust Bank Nepal Ltd.2022014-04-11
Grand Bank Nepal Ltd.04.754.752014-04-09
Mahakali Bikas Bank Limited18.94018.942014-04-04
SymbolBonus Share %Cash Dividend %Total Dividend %Distribution Date
Himalayan Bank Ltd.510152014-04-03
Kakre Bihar Bikash Bank Ltd.150152014-03-31
Alliance Insurance Company Limited12.50.6613.16N/A
International Leasing And Fin. Co.05.265.262014-03-26
Siddhartha Finance Limited130132014-03-25
Butwal Power Co. Ltd.018182014-03-24
Salt Trading Corporation101525N/A
Paschimanchal Finance Co. Ltd150.7915.79N/A
Paschimanchal Grameen Bikas Bank Limited01515N/A
Kumari Bank Ltd14014N/A
NIC Asia Bank Ltd.020202014-03-04
Lumbini Bank Ltd.80.428.422014-02-21
NLG INSURANCE COMPANY LTD.1011.0521.052014-02-18
Bhrikuti Vikash Bank Limited200202014-02-17
Zenith Finance Limited8.50.458.952014-02-13
Excel Development Bank Ltd.502.6452.642014-02-13
Professional Diyalo Bikas Bank Ltd.05.55.5N/A
Nerude Laghubita Bikas Bank Limited550552014-02-11
Agricultural Development Bank Ltd031.5831.58N/A
Global IME Bank Limited150152014-02-09
Chhimek Laghubitta Bikas Bank Limited33.2315482014-02-07
Sana Kisan Bikas Bank Ltd1511.3126.312014-02-06
Western Development Bank Limited151025N/A
Gaumukhi Bikas Bank Limited4042014-02-05
Khandbari Development Bank Ltd.8082014-02-04
Prime Commercial Bank Limited105152014-02-04
Siddhartha Investment Growth Scheme-104.54.52014-02-03
Rural Microfinance Development Centre Ltd.015152014-02-03
Siddhartha Bank Limited1210.1122.112014-02-03
Seti Finance Limited1510252014-02-03
Nepal Lube Oil Ltd.202040N/A
Ace Development Bank Limited3.703.72014-01-29
Bishwa Bikas Bank Limited180.9518.952014-01-29
Pacific Development Bank Limtied221.1323.132014-01-28
Innovative Development Bank Ltd.57122014-01-28
Commerz and Trust Bank Nepal Ltd.202N/A
Alpine Development Bank Limited015152014-01-27
Kabeli Bikas Bank Limited200202014-01-23
Kanchan Development Bank Ltd.105.7815.782014-01-22
Metro Development Bank Limited160.8416.842014-01-21
Namaste Bittiya Sanstha Ltd.2510352014-01-21
Araniko Development Bank Limited510152014-01-21
Guheyshwori Mer. Bank. Fin152172014-01-20
Swarojgar Laghu Bitta Bikas Bank Ltd.019192014-01-19
Diprox Development Bank2015352014-01-19
CIVIL BANK LTD05.755.752014-01-19
Summit Micro Finance Development Bank Ltd.1214.3226.322014-01-19
Goodwill Finance Co. Ltd.07.377.372014-01-17
Nilgiri Bikas Bank Limited014142014-01-16
Gandaki Bikas Bank Limited014142014-01-14
Mega Bank Nepal Ltd.0992014-01-14
Tinau Development Bank Limited120.6312.632014-01-14
Jyoti Bikas Bank Limited75.612.6N/A
Sagarmatha Insurance Co.Ltd2022.142.1N/A
Swabalamwan Bikash Bank1413.36827.3682014-01-13
Clean Energy Development Bank Limited55.510.52014-01-12
Jhimruk Bikas Bank Limited3.7547.752014-01-12
Grand Bank Nepal Ltd.04.754.75N/A
Sunrise Bank Limited11011N/A
Laxmi Bank Limited15015N/A
Fewa Finance Co. Ltd.1011.0521.052014-01-09
Nirdhan Utthan Bank Ltd.2011.58302014-01-09
Life Insurance Co. Nepal301.5730N/A
Tourism Development Bank Ltd.011112014-01-07
Sanima Bank Ltd.100.5310.532014-01-07
Sahayogi Vikas Bank268.534.52014-01-06
Sindhu Bikas Bank Limited04.54.52014-01-05
Subhechha Bikas Bank Limited106.7416.742014-01-03
NMB Bank Ltd.010102014-01-01
Reliance Finance Limited0882014-01-01
Soaltee Hotel Ltd.4012.63252.6322013-12-30
Bottlers Nepal Ltd.(Balaju)060602013-12-29
Muktinath Bikas Bank Ltd.207.527.52013-12-29
Sewa Bikas Bank Limited120.6312.622013-12-29
Nabil Bank Ltd.2540652013-12-29
Nepal Investment Bank Ltd.1025352013-12-27
Nepal Stock Exchange Limited50050N/A
Elite Capital Limited099N/A
Shine Resunga Development Bank Ltd.200202013-12-26
Kankai Bikas Bank Ltd.0882013-12-26
Nepal Consumer Development Bank Ltd.510.7915.792013-12-26
Janata Bank Nepal Ltd.35.52118.52112013-12-22
Growmore Merchant Banker Limited09.479.47N/A
Kamana Bikas Bank Limited156212013-12-20
Bank of Kathmandu140.7314.732013-12-19
Narayani National Finance Co. Ltd.012.6312.632013-12-19
Nepal Express Finance Limited9.50.5102013-12-19
Subha Laxmi Finance Co. Ltd.0772013-12-19
Om Finance Ltd.201.05202013-12-18
Triveni Bikas Bank Limited190192013-12-15
Malika Bikash Bank Limited105.7915.79N/A
Shree Investment Finance Co. Ltd1010.420.42013-12-10
Standard Chartered Bank Ltd.1040502013-12-10
Purnima Bikas Bank Limited104142013-12-03
City Development Bank Limited21.381.1222.52013-12-02
Reliable Finance Limited12.643.5516.192013-11-28
United Finance Ltd012.512.52013-11-24
Prabhu Bikas Bank Ltd.909N/A
Kaski Finance Limited013132013-11-11
Axis Development Bank Limited07.377.372013-11-10
Rising Development Bank Ltd.714.0521.052013-11-01
Garima Bikas Bank Limited205252013-10-31
Lumbini General Insurance10.53010.53N/A
Bageshowori Dev.Bank32.12032.12N/A
Miteri Development Bank Limited205252013-10-27
Nepal SBI Bank Limited12.57.5202013-10-27
Mahakali Bikas Bank Limited018.9418.94N/A
Citizens Bank International Limited015152013-10-22
Everest Finance Ltd,150152013-10-14
First Microfinance Development Bank Ltd.015152013-10-10
Kailash Bikas Bank Ltd.109192013-10-10
Everest Bank Ltd1050.5360.532013-10-10
Nepal Bangladesh Bank Ltd.107.8917.89N/A
ICFC Finance Limited510.7915.792013-10-09
Chilime Hydro power Co.3010402013-10-09
Uniliver Nepal Ltd.07607602013-10-08
Bagmati Development Bank Limited07.377.372013-10-08
Nabil Investment Banking Ltd.01515N/A
NMB Capital Limited055N/A
Arun Valley Hydropower Development Company Limited150.7515.752013-09-13
Biratlaxmi Bikash Bank Limited27027N/A
Civil Capital Market Ltd010.5310.53N/A
Maha Laxmi Finance Ltd.01313N/A

Bonus Share, Right Share and Cash dividend announcement from companies for fiscal year 2068/69

SymbolBonus Share %Cash Dividend %Total Dividend %Distribution Date
Premier Insurance co. Ltd.150.7915.792013-07-30
Nepal Credit And Com. Bank50.265.262013-07-21
Sagarmatha Insurance Co.Ltd10029.62129.622013-07-09
Shikhar Insurance Co. Ltd.400402013-06-21
Nepal Bitumin and Barrel Udyog01010N/A
Malika Bikash Bank Limited50.265.262013-06-16
Seti Finance Limited1010202013-06-12
Prime Life Insurance Company Limited130132013-06-09
Valley Finance Limtied606N/A
Civil Merchant bittya sanstha11.4011.42013-06-03
Salt Trading Corporation1015252013-06-02
Sahayogi Vikas Bank260262013-05-23
Multipurpose Finance Co. Ltd.010102013-05-20
Kankai Bikas Bank Ltd.9.640.510.142013-05-19
Siddhartha Finance Limited17.21017.212013-05-19
Prudential Insurance Co.250252013-05-19
Guras Life Insurance Co. Ltd.6.506.52013-05-15
Rara Bikas Bank Limited010102013-05-09
Nepal Insurance Co.Ltd.201.0521.052013-05-09
Paschimanchal Grameen Bikas Bank Limited010.5310.532013-05-05
Nepal Life Insurance Co. Ltd.7056.31126.312013-05-05
National LifeInsu. Co.Ltd.250252013-05-02
Nepal Industrial And Co.Bank025252013-04-30
Swabalamwan Bikash Bank526.5831.582013-04-30
Tourism Development Bank Ltd.06.56.52013-04-25
Surya Life Insurance Company Limited14.25014.252013-04-23
Siddhartha Insurance Limited320322013-04-22
Reliance Finance Limited04.084.082013-04-21
Nirdhan Utthan Bank Ltd.3.9211.8715.792013-04-16
Asian Life Insurance Co. Limited8.2908.292013-04-15
Butwal Power Co. Ltd.025252013-04-01
Nava Durga Finance Co.Ltd.9.50.5102013-03-28
Alliance Insurance Company Limited100102013-03-24
Bhrikuti Vikash Bank Limited10010N/A
Bank of Asia Nepal Limited07.57.52013-03-19
Nepal Doorsanchar Company Limited04848N/A
Lumbini General Insurance9.5709.572013-03-11
Resunga Bikas Bank Limited221.1623.162013-03-07
Paschimanchal Finance Co. Ltd206.3226.322013-03-03
Excel Development Bank Ltd.250252013-02-25
Nepal Express Finance Limited140.7414.742013-02-13
Nerude Laghubita Bikas Bank Limited1510.7925.792013-02-13
Life Insurance Co. Nepal623.2665.262013-02-12
Tinau Development Bank Limited150.7815.782013-02-10
Alpine Development Bank Limited011112013-02-10
Kumari Bank Ltd0772013-02-10
Global IME Bank Limited310132013-02-05
Janaki Finance Ltd.500502013-02-03
Biratlaxmi Bikash Bank Limited120122013-02-01
Laxmi Bank Limited010102013-01-30
Summit Micro Finance Development Bank Ltd.015.7915.792013-01-30
Yeti Finance Limited120.6312.632013-01-30
Sunrise Bank Limited05.265.262013-01-27
Guheyshwori Mer. Bank. Fin150.7915.792013-01-27
Kathmandu Finance Limited.0882013-01-27
Shine Development Bank Limited170.8917.892013-01-25
Neco Insurance Co.11.5011.5N/A
Lumbini Bank Ltd.120122013-01-21
International Leasing And Fin. Co.06.76.72013-01-20
Siddhartha Bank Limited08.428.422013-01-17
NEPAL AAWAS FINANCE LIMITED010.5310.532013-01-16
Diprox Development Bank025252013-01-16
Clean Energy Development Bank Limited010102013-01-13
Bishwa Bikas Bank Limited512172013-01-13
Diyalo Bikas Bank Ltd.017.517.52013-01-13
Nepal Investment Bank Ltd.255302013-01-13
Professional Bikas Bank Limited05.1085.1082013-01-11
Purnima Bikas Bank Limited07.367.362013-01-11
Gandaki Bikas Bank Limited14.5014.52013-01-10
Chhimek Laghubitta Bikas Bank Limited2517.142.12013-01-10
Soaltee Hotel Ltd.2032.6352.632013-01-09
Lumbini Finance Ltd.1016.3226.322013-01-06
Goodwill Finance Co. Ltd.3.55.592013-01-06
Bageshowori Dev.Bank16.5016.52013-01-03
Miteri Development Bank Limited200202013-01-03
Prime Commercial Bank Limited47.5811.582013-01-02
Himalayan Bank Ltd.1513.421128.42112013-01-01
Bottlers Nepal (Terai)Ltd.085852012-12-31
ICFC Finance Limited08.428.422012-12-31
Bottlers Nepal Ltd.(Balaju)070702012-12-31
Zenith Finance Limited010.5310.532012-12-27
Everest Finance Ltd,05.55.52012-12-26
Standard Chartered Bank Ltd.1545602012-12-24
Nilgiri Bikas Bank Limited150.7915.79N/A
Kamana Bikas Bank Limited015152012-12-19
Kasthamandap Development Bank Ltd.404N/A
Narayani National Finance Co. Ltd.018.9518.952012-12-16
Fewa Finance Co. Ltd.010.5310.532012-12-16
Araniko Development Bank Limited088N/A
Arun Valley Hydropower Development Company Limited150.7515.752012-12-09
Mahakali Bikas Bank Limited012122012-12-03
Metro Development Bank Limited610162012-12-03
Prabhu Finance Company Limited170172012-11-30
H & B Development Bank Ltd.055N/A
Everest Bank Ltd301.5831.582012-11-26
Subha Laxmi Finance Co. Ltd.05.755.752012-11-25
Kaski Finance Limited010.5310.532012-11-21
City Development Bank Limited1514292012-11-18
Grand Bank Nepal Ltd.0772012-11-16
Kailash Bikas Bank Ltd.012122012-11-12
Sewa Bikas Bank Limited200202012-11-11
Pacific Development Bank Limtied015152012-11-11
Om Finance Ltd.1010202012-11-10
Reliable Finance Limited8.418.8617.272012-11-07
Triveni Bikas Bank Limited1013232012-11-04
Chilime Hydro power Co.3020502012-11-04
Garima Bikas Bank Limited1015252012-11-01
Nabil Bank Ltd.2040602012-10-31
Janata Bank Nepal Ltd.03.683.682012-10-19
Muktinath Bikas Bank Ltd.22.527.5502012-10-18
Nepal SBI Bank Limited12.5517.52012-10-17
First Microfinance Development Bank Ltd.015.7915.792012-10-17
Bank of Kathmandu521.3226.322012-10-14
UNIQUE FINANCE LIMITED08.958.952012-10-14
Uniliver Nepal Ltd.06806802012-10-11
Citizens Bank International Limited08.428.422012-10-10
United Finance Ltd01010N/A
Sanima Bank Ltd.05.55.5N/A
Civil Capital Market Ltd06.846.84N/A
Citizen Investment Trust38.892.0540.94N/A
Rastriya Beema Sansthan93093N/A
Nabil Investment Banking Ltd.01010N/A
Shree Investment Finance Co. Ltd015.7915.79N/A
Kabeli Bikas Bank Limited10010N/A
Pathibhara Bikas Bank Limited01111N/A
Api Finance Limtied90.479.47N/A

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